Hello, I’m Catherine

I am a Child and Family therapist and trainer. I specialise in the under 12s, in my private practice, in workshops, and face to face consultations.

In my practice, I try to work  to answer the question:

“How we can create a better-connected society to raise confident and secure children?

To respond to that question, my website, workshops, and face to face appointments are reflections of my life’s work. With 31 years’ experience in the NHS and 19 years working as a Specialist Clinician in CAMHS. I’ve worked with clients with many severe emotional and behavioural difficulties I know there is ALWAYS something to learn but I am happy to share my experiences so far.

What Motivates Me?

We all strive to live meaningful lives. I’m motivated by meaning and understanding. I am Northern Irish and was born into the “Troubles”. not by chance I started training as a mental health nurse 32 years ago. I am also trained in several other postgraduate therapies. As part of my training process, I’ve experienced the therapy process too. Being “present ” for you and everyone in my life is so important to me, hence, I have a meditation practice.

I am Human Too.

I understand from direct experience that parenting can be relentless sometimes. We all need support in handling the challenges parenthood can bring. I am the same as you, I’ve experienced all the ups and downs. Some frustrations and many moments of connection, and joy from baby to adulthood. We all survived it, resulting in a lot more compassion and love.

I can honestly say that being a parent taught me so much. It shone a light to my experience of being ” parented” and that was not always a pleasant experience, but it led to compassion for myself and my parents. Do you think that parenting could be about what they bring to us as well as what can bring and hold for them?

My Mission:

I founded Bristol Child Parent Support five years ago. It is now my full-time business following thirty-one years in the NHS. I am so grateful in so many ways for the experiences and learning it offered. My intention is to help parents connect with themselves and their children. I know I can’t change the world but I want to offer something, even though it may be small and from a humble place. In these challenging times, the most important step we can take is to act from a place of love, kindness, and connection. I hope to share with you soon.

Join me at my Workshops or a Consultation.


I  remain licensed as a Mental Health Nurse. My professional registration is with the NMC and adheres to the code of ethics of this organization. I have completed many other Post Graduate Pieces of training and shorter pieces of training such as CBT, advanced child protection, mindfulness, trauma work, and two evidence-based parenting programs The Incredible Years and Solihull:

  • Post Graduate Training in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy
  • Post Graduate training in Systemic Family Therapy
  • Advanced level Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Advanced Counselling Skills and Theory

Thank you for reading this to support the wellbeing of you and your family.Join me on FACEBOOK and receive lots of sleep and parenting tips, up to date blogs and videos, join me at my workshops, or book a face to face consultation

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