Thank you for contacting me and even contemplating working with me.  Making the  first step for change may bring up all kinds of feelings of being judged, getting it wrong and so much more, so you can always meet once and see how you feel, you can always meet me at my Workshops too

It’s good to consider :

  • Giving and investing time to the process
  • Being open to change and being kind and compassionate with you and your child.
  • Monetary investment (Please check my link for fees)
  • Making changes is not always easy in the short term. so sometimes we have to follow a process that can not always be comfortable but can be rewarding in the longer term.

Let’s start, contact me below on my form.

Thank you for considering working with me.!

When you contact me, I will respond with some dates and times for my availability. There is no pressure but are on a first come first served basis as I have a limited number of slots and only work with a small caseload. I make a commitment too.

I like to arrange the therapy at the same times and day following consultation.I am  happy to arrange a call to you for a short conversation at a mutually agreed time.I will contact you soon and look forward to empowering you to be the parent you want to be and in the interim you can go and follow on my Facebook Page for lots of  Parent Tools. Please like my page, I put a lot of effort into free tools for everyone.


In the main, I work from Ashley Down BS7

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