What to Expect and Fees
Fees and What to Expect 

Thank you for wanting to promote and invest in the well-being of your child and family. Sometimes parents contact me with a question to seek feedback and clarity or help with anything to do with parenting. We get to know each other through the one hour and a half ( 90minute) consultation.

My offering to you in our work together: Connection, listening, reflection, insight,  guidance, and non-judgemental support.

In light of the continuing difficulties with COVID-19, initial consultations are typically conducted online via Zoom or telephone, with follow-ups taking place either face-to-face or online.

Consultation Fee

  • £130 for an hour and a half Individualised in-depth consultation, face to face, via the telephone or Zoom. This is the same for a Sleep Consultation. In the first instance, it is without your child. (Paid in advance of the consultation by secure PayPal within 24 hours of email confirmation. It is not refundable, however, I am happy to rearrange if you give me 48 hours’ notice, but I will hold the payment if cancelled less than that time.) There is no obligation for either party to work together following this meeting.

Following the Consultation, ongoing Work Fees

You can book a block of six:

  • £400 for six sessions ( if you pay in advance, the sessions are inclusive of any therapy shape). There is a reduction in one session’s fees for block booking if paid for in advance; there are terms and conditions for this payment method. (Multi-session discount is non-refundable, and sessions can be used for cancellations and sickness).

You can pay for each session as you go ( you only need to give me 48 hours notice to rearrange a session) :

  • £80 per each session if you pay per each session ( to be paid 48 hours before the session)

Sleep Consultations:

  • £130 for an initial Consultation
  • £375 for six sessions or pay as you go.


what to expect/fees

What to Expect:  

Thank you for thinking about committing to work together. If you would like to book a consultation, email me by completing my contact form. The consultation is generally without your child in the first instance.

I  will email some dates and times and my availability to see if they are convenient. They are on a first-come, first-served basis and will be secured within 24 hours by payment via PayPal ( payment in advance). The price represents motivation and a commitment to each of us. I will send an invite to secure the Zoom link and my telephone number following payment.

What happens in a Consultation:

This is an in-depth consultation; I take a full birth, developmental and family history and think about parental emotional health. We think about your parental models and your child’s temperament as I believe this can impact the relationship. We discuss your concerns and strengths. At the end of the consultation, I offer my perspective ( a viewpoint) and guidance forward. If a problem has been present for some time, it is helpful to book a block of six sessions. Some parents feel they need less, and some attend just one; it can be hard to predict the most effective intervention or what shape the therapy will take.

Where do I work:

I mainly work in North Bristol BS7, Ashley Down

Legal and General Reports

I offer a confidential and therapeutic space where everyone can feel safe to talk. Unless agreed at the onset of work, providing legal reports is not something I want to offer. These will be charged hourly for therapeutic reports to schools or other agencies and any email longer than 250 words. This includes telephone calls for liaisons longer than 15 minutes.


Exceptions to Confidentiality:

Safeguarding is everyone’s concern, even in Private Practice. I adhere to Bristol’s Safe Guarding Concerns


BCPS must pass on any information to the relevant authorities in cases where human safety is concerned, including the following circumstances:

1. If you threaten harm to yourself or another person

2. If I believe a child or protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse

3. If the courts instruct me to give information. I would always endeavour to discuss with you my decision for breaking confidentiality. Depending on the circumstances, this may be your General Practitioner (GP), a Social Worker, or the Police. However, I retain the right to break it if you/your child/someone associated with you are in immediate danger.


I hold notes as long as I am working with you. For more information, click on the link below.

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