Thank you for finding me and making the first step to change, small steps count even if it’s just to see what help may be on offer. Many people come to therapy or approach me if something feels unmanageable, they may even feel that they are in crisis or they simply feel something is just not right, or they are completely exhausted due to lack of sleep. It can be quite confusing to know which therapy might help. Research shows that it is the relationship you have with your therapist that enables the healing. I offer a range of therapeutic approaches and services due to the broad nature of my experience and training.

My services

30 years in the NHS is a long time so I can work with many different presentations. Some parents/families attend for just six others can attend for much longer. You and your family are unique so one size or one way of working does not fit all. I have just started to offer taster workshops, these are for parents who want strategies, tips, and more generalized advice, rather than an individualized bespoke intervention that only focuses on strategies but relationships between everyone. I try to offer a safe space so you can feel empowered to be a good enough not a perfect parent! and I am more interested in empowering you as you live with your children 24 hours a day and it’s important to think about your strengths and how you can have better relationships in the longer term.

Why wait: Contact me for a consultation

My Services are:    

  • Workshops
  • Consultations
  • Parenting Guidance
  • Individual therapy for Parents
  • Sleep Consultations
  • Trauma Work
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Attachment and Relationship Difficulties
  • Couples Work
  • Individual Counselling/therapy
  • CBT for Anxiety, low mood, and emotional dysregulation.
  • Family Therapy

Corporate Workshops

Parenting-related stress, lack of sleep and distractions cost employers millions in the form of missed days and reduced productivity. As an employer, who do you want walking through your door each morning: The employee who is rushed, harried, stressed and distracted…or the employee who woke up well rested, feels calm following a smooth morning routine and does not feel guilty about dreading going home later that day? Contact me to talk about a sleep or parenting workshop if you are interested in investing in your staff.