Hello my name is Catherine, Welcome!

As a parent are you feeling:

  • Worried?
  • Disempowered?
  • You can’t sleep?
  • Tired of nagging and shouting?
  • Disappointed you’ve read countless parenting articles online and wonder why the relationships in your family are no better.?
  •  You have lost the belief you can help your child , feel stuck or very stressed?

Or concerned your child may be experiencing:

Let me help and empower you: 

I am Bristol based licenced practitioner. I offer Individual/ Parent Therapy, Family Counselling, Sleep consultations and Workshops for adults,  children and families. This is a private practice and I charge fees.

In my 30 years experience in the NHS, I have worked with hundreds of adults, parents and children from all walks of life. This has provided a deep insight to trauma and emotional dysregulation. I have over 18 years specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, in and outpatient settings working with parents, families, couples and children with complex emotional behavioural difficulties and psychiatric disorders. I am a parent too so have weathered many challenging parenting situations myself and we have all survived my mistakes and the transitions from baby to adulthood.

Over the years, I have developed an integrative approach of neuroscience, attachment, systemic and practical ways to empower you, your child or family.( click here for my qualifications, training).

I work with Common Problems in click here for a Free PDF Download and in addition free resources within the Early, Middle, Adolescence and Sleep Pages. 

Book a consultation or a Workshop with me if you are ready to:

  • To understand and manage “big feelings ” such as anxiety, anger and sadness.welcome to bristol child parent support
  • Be an empowered parent with evidenced based and neuroscientific interventions.
  • Understand what makes your child reacts with big feelings and you can respond with your “wise mind”.
  • Ensure you have a good nights sleep.
  • Work together for a clear plan to create close and cooperative family relationships.
  • Enjoy spending time with your child and your family.




Be the parent you really want to be, take one action today to connect with your child so they can feel safe, loved and secure. With love Catherine