Adolescence can be a difficult time for the child and parent. with my Adolescent yearschildren, there were times when it was hard to know that we would survive it all. I am happy to say we did and I am a better all-rounded human being because of it. I do work with teenagers with sleep problems but tend to see other issues them with families( parent/s).

We know that: ( Key data on adolescence 2013 shows life has really got worse for teenagers)

Adolescence Mental Health Statistics

  • Half of all lifetime cases of psychiatric disorders start at the age of 14 and three-quarters by the age of 24

You may enjoy this time, but for most parents, these years can be tough. You may not enjoy your child’s moods and simply feel that you “Get it wrong most of the time” This can feel hurtful and undermining at the same time.


Adolescent Difficulties I work with:

Your teenager may seek help if they feel they are seen within the family, even if they refuse to attend, you may think that by attending your parenting will be judged or relationships will deteriorate.

To prevent that now, you can:
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Be the best parent you can be and try to do one action today to make your teenager feel safe, secure and loved.

With love Catherine

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