Helping your child sleep in their own bed

For many of you, your child sleeping in your bed may not be a problem, and it’s entirely up to you to decide when it is the right time for them to sleep in their bed. Many parents think that it is more manageable before their child attends school. When you are in a habit, it can be hard to believe that you can change or think there could be several advantages to your child sleeping in their bed. Advantages are:

  1. A child learns how to self-soothe ( regulate). This means that they can calm themselves if they feel worried or anxious.
  2. Children can feel proud of themselves when they know they can accomplish something independently of their parents. This helps with autonomy.
  3. Children need to know that their parents have different and separate relationships. It’s not always helpful for them to feel at the centre of their parent’s world.
  4. Most children have temporary fears about monsters and fears of the dark. They often grow out of this and can successfully return to their beds.

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Many parents mistake leaving their children alone when they transition them to bed. They have been used to you sleeping with them, so you will have to be and can withdraw this gradually. In addition, if your child is anxious, you must address those fears first.

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It is never too late, and the time can be now. With Love Catherine

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