What to expect/Fees
 Fees/ What to Expect 
Thank you for wanting to promote and invest in the wellbeing of your child and family! I offer a confidential therapeutic Space for children, families, parents and adults.
  • £95 for a 75-minute Individualised in-depth consultation, face to face or via the telephone. (Paid in advance of the consultation by secure PayPal, I use Quickbooks for the invoice) it is not refundable but I am very happy to rearrange on one occasion if you give me 48 hours notice, but will hold the payment if cancelled less than that time.) There is no obligation for either party to work together following this meeting.
  •  Following the consultation I tend to offer a minimum of six sessions, they are for 50 minutes. In my experience, 1 or 2 sessions are generally ineffective if the problem has been present for some time.
  • £375 for six sessions ( if you pay in advance, the sessions are inclusive of the type of therapy)  There is a reduction in one sessions fees for block booking if paid for in advance via PayPal or cheque,  I charge for cancellations as they are on the same day/time and you have a reduction already)
  • £75 per each session if you pay per each session
  • £85 for a family session per each session
  • £90 for sleep consultation, face to face, online or by telephone. This is paid for in advance by secure PayPal.
  • £375 ( for the sleep consultation and five hours of face to face/telephone Support)
  • £45 + for Workshops
  • £120 an hour for Training and Private Workshops for organizations.

Legal Reports

I offer a confidential and therapeutic space that everyone can feel safe to talk. Unless agreed at the onset of work, providing legal reports is not something I want to offer.

What to Expect:  

Thank you for thinking about committing to work together. If you would like to book a consultation you can email me by completing my contact form. The consultation is normally without your child in the first instance.

what to expect/fees
I  will email some dates and times and my availability to see if they are convenient. They are on a first come first served basis and will be secured within 24 hours by payment via PayPal ( payment in advance). The payment represents motivation and a commitment for each of us. Following payment, I will send (address & directions)

What happens in a Consultation:

This is an in-depth consultation,  I take a full birth, developmental and family history as well as think about parental emotional health. We think about your parental models, In addition to your child’s temperament as I believe this can have an impact on the relationship. We discuss your concerns and strengths. At the end of the consultation, I offer my thoughts and a way forward. It can be hard to predict what the most effective intervention or what shape the therapy will take.  I offer many combinations, parent/child/individual and family.
I ask you to commit to six sessions for ongoing work ( this does not include one-off Sleep Consultations) A review can occur at the fifth session and we will see how to progress.

Where do I work:

I mainly work in North Bristol BS7, Ashley Down

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