Lets Play for Change, how 10 minutes of Play can help you and your child’s connection
10 Ways to Understand and Manage Anger using Positive Discipline
Why Sleep Matters and 7 easy ways to help your Sleep Now
How to set up a Family Meeting to promote positive and collaborative relationships fro everyone.
The Physical and Emotional Impact you you and your family of Sleep Deprivation.
9 ways to to survive Christmas with Peace and Joy
My top Tips to help your Child Sleep
Baby Sleep Science
9 little Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety at Chistmas
Parent Workshop. How to stop the Worry Cycle
Medical Reasons for your child’s disrupted Sleep
Foods that help you Snooze
Lets Praise for cooperation, connection and health self esteem
What every parent needs to know about bullying
Tantrums, each type Bristol Child Parent Support’s best advice.
Five Triggers for Tantrums, Bristol Child Parent Support’s top tips.
How to help your child who resists going to bed or wakes constantly.
My top Tips to help your Child Sleep
A Mindfulness Meditation audio for Children, teenagers and adults. Finding your Safe Haven
Bubble Relaxation Audio for children


Night Night, sleep tight, the do’s and dont’s for establishing a succesful bedtime routine
Sibling Wars, Keeping the Peace, Bristol Child Parent Supports, top tips.
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