I am very excited that in the new year 2018, I will offering some small and intimate workshops of no more than 9 attendees and cost £30 for a two hour workshop. I want to offer a space to connect and share together. They will be bespoke for the age groups of the attendees in the workshop. I have spent thirty years in the NHS working with adults and children that are sometimes emotionally dysregulated which causes distress and can lead to long term mental health difficulties.

Like you, I am mum too and helped my children through all the highs, lows , frustrations with a good dose of mistakes from baby to adulthood. I know through this experience that understanding their behavior and temperament with brain based parenting techniques has led them to be able to manage their emotions and have good social relationships. Why would I not want to share that knowledge to help you and your children to enjoy being connected and have a good relationships with you and others.

All my workshops are based on experience, sound evidenced based clinical knowledge and neuroscience, change your habits now and set good intentions for 2018, contact me to book.

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Workshops: ( more to be added, do contact me for ideas)


  • Ashley Down, BS7 Bristol ( or in your workplace)


£30 per person, it is non -refundable but if you cannot attend on the day, I will try to book you into another Workshop, in addition you will receive 10% reduction of  a new consultation.

You may be looking for:

  • Understanding you/and your child’s brain.
  • Empowerment and ideas you can use straight away.
  • A safe forum to ask questions.
  • Ideas to prevent escalation of “big feelings” such as anxiety, anger and tantrums.
  • Specific help for the ages of your children in your family.
  • Realise that you are not alone in what you may be feeling and experiencing.
  • Your staff, as you want to support them on promoting well being and sleep.
Some Testimonials:
  • Really helpful, to learn about tantrums are necessary to discharge emotions and positive tips to mange them. ( parent, Seasons Nursery talk)
  • Very interesting, I found information on the parts of the brain and age related emotions helpful. I feel I have positive ideas to take with me  (parent,Windmill City Farm Talk)
  • Great, let’s bring this talk, your Child’s brain and you as  standard ( parent Windmill Hill City Farm talks)
  • Feel taken seriously, not patronizing practical advice ( Sleep Talk, Windmill Hill City Farm)
  • Really useful and thought provoking thank you for explaining two types of tantrums I didn’t know) ( parent, Seasons Nursery)

What can you expect:

  • A two hour workshop ( sometimes less or more with employers or private gatherings)
  • They are rooted in sound clinical evidenced based practice and my experience as a mum where we have all survived the transition from from baby to adulthood.
  • Ideas about the topic and how to make them fit for you.
  • A safe space to ask questions you might have.
  • A chance to hear from other parents what they do in a non- judgemental and supportive setting;
  • A hand out to keep and refer to in case you’ve forgotten what you’ve learnt, with further help options.
  • To reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence.
  • A sense of achievement that you have made some progress and taken action to make life better for your family and for yourself.
  • Nice tea, coffee and drinks!


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