The Middle Years (5-12)

Thank you for navigating your way to me, I work with many issues in the middle years. Apart from home,school is the other most important place. Even though some children will already have managed attendance at nursery, it is still a stressful transition. Children have to manage the rhythms of the school year. They have to adjust to beginnings and endings and in addition, manage a completely different set of rules. They will be more influenced by environments other than home. It can be an anxiety-provoking time for you too, is it safe to let go, can you allow others to help such as teachers etc?.

Sometimes, they struggle with peers, so do one small thing and help them to start to emotionally regulate, read my free download below. When we feel safe and calm, it helps us to approach life with joy and curiosity, it provides the right environment to learn too.

Here is my free download on understanding your child’s emotions
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 Middle Years Difficulties I work with are:

Try something for your whole family, even if you feel that the problems are located in one child, so why don’t you try to start a Family meeting? Click >>> for free PDF’s  Top Tips to Start Family Meetings 

This may prevent nagging and shouting.

If you need support something can be done now, even though you may be feeling anxious you are doing it wrong or worry that your problems may get worse.Prevent that now by booking a  a consultation >

Let me empower you to be the parent you want to be, try to do one action today to make your child feel safe, secure and loved.

With love Catherine

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