Hello, thank you for browsing my site and my free parent tools. I don’t know about you but I get a little frustrated when I go onto sites and they always want to know my email, it is only then that I can access the free information, so here are my tools for you now, please do look in all my pages in all the years for more.my fees



I am in the process of  changing my site ( bear with me whilst I start to load them)  My hope is that you can start to build a meaningful connection with your child right now or you may even find some tips that might help you through the day. You can start by looking at my:

I have many videos on topics such as, play, how to manage anger, sleep and other topics on simple neuroscience. They are a taster if you are considering attending a workshop, a consultation or you may be interested in employing me to give a talk at your workplace. Click on one now

It’s good to listen sometimes and in addition I am very keen for children and parents to access free materials for remaining calm and be able to carry on. There are three relaxation and meditative exercises that you can download right now. I hope they help, please do contact me so I share relevant information.

I have many free downloads, please go to pages Middle Years,  Sleep Consultations  and Adolescence

I have free downloads on how you can regulate your child’s emotions, sleep tips and much more. I am hoping that they will help you to have a connected relationship with your child now, click on below for a free download to set your intentions for your parenting  on:

Connected Parenting  and be the parent you want to be 2018

Top Tips to Start Family Meetings.

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