Safer Internet Day, 11th of February

Safer Internet Day 2020 will be celebrated globally, on the 11th of February hence, the theme is:

“Together for a better internet.” 

We all have a part to play. I know how many of you worry about your child’s contact with technology. The Uk Centre for a Safet Internet has so many great resources and ideas. You can use this day to start a conversation with your child or children about the internet, it’s likely that their school will participate too so a great opportunity for discussion. Here are their top three parent tips to stay safe online:

1.Free to talk

How do you talk to your child about using the internet? Are most of your conversations are about spending too much time on it! Do you talk about safety? These ideas are referenced from a great PDF for parents by the you can read it all here by clicking on the link below:

  • What do you like most about the internet and why?
  • What’s your favourite game/app/site? ­ How does going online make you feel? ­
  • How does the internet/technology make your life better? ­
  • What could you do if being online is making you feel worse rather than better? ­
  • What is different about talking online to someone compared to talking face to face?
  • Can people say/do whatever they want online? Why/why not?

2.Free to make the internet work for your family

There are lots of tools to help you manage the devices used by your family. For example, knowing how to activate and use parental controls can help protect your child from seeing inappropriate content online. For advice and guidance on how to make use of parental controls and other safety features on devices, check out their free Parents’ Guide to Technology.

Safe internet day

3.Free to explore differences

The internet is a place where lots of different people can communicate and come together. For some children, the first place they see people who are different from them maybe online. For others, the internet may be the one place where they can find people similar to them. Hence, It’s so important to discuss issues around diversity and how to be respectful. Many children are bullied and bully online. Moreover, do you have conversations regarding what is Cyberbullying? Use their ‘Quick Activities‘ as a family this Safer Internet Day to help you unpick this topic together. Here are some more websites that are full of information and resources.

Helpful Websites for Parents

In Conclusion

I really hope this blog will inspire you to have further conversations with your children regarding their internet use. If your child is on the internet all the time, reflect on what its function may be. As a result, I wonder if many children and adults are using it to self-soothe. What do you think?

I hope to connect and share with you in person at my Parent Workshops in February for Stop the Worry Cycle and March for Positive Discipline or do contact me for a consultation if you need some help with parenting. With Much Love and Gratitude Catherine

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