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Parenting is not easy. Becoming a parent can be the most beautiful yet challenging experience in our lives. Furthermore, children don’t arrive with a fully completed instruction manual, yet so many think we should be natural and perfect at it. Let’s stop the cycle of being the ideal parent.

Living through a Pandemic

As well as the challenge of parenting, we are currently living in a pandemic. We are changing the shape of our lives, how we work, I’ve had to. I am very grateful I can continue to support you. I will be posting face to face workshops in April 2022 for the Autumn term.

New Workshops face to face, small and intimate

Saturday, October the 1st 2022

Positive Parenting for Toddlers, to book and for more information, click on the link below:

Toddler Parenting Workshop


Positive Parenting for Toddlers



Do contact me if you would like a bespoke workshop for your workplace or have a group of friends that would like a particular topic covered. I’ve offered workshops for Clifton College, Stand NW, Newbury Racecourse Nursery, GE, Manor House Nursery, and Windmill Hill City Farm. These are some of the topics covered OCD, ASD, Self Harm, Managing, and Understanding Anxiety, Sleep relearning for parents who have children with Special Educational Needs, Managing Tantrums and Meltdowns, Positive Discipline and more.

online parentig worskopsWhat is your Experience?

The workshops integrate my life’s work and my experience as a mum. I worked for over 31 years in the NHS and more than 19 years as a Specialist CAMHS Clinician working with children and families with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. I am trained in Solihull and the Incredible Years, two evidenced-based parenting courses, and draw upon the latest neuroscience, psychology, and attachment theory.

You may be looking for:

  • Understanding you/and your child’s brain reduces blame, conflict, and shame.
  • How you can help them to develop self-control
  • Empowerment and ideas you can use straight away.
  • How you can remain calm and carry on
  • A safe forum to ask questions.
  • Generalised ideas to prevent escalation of “big feelings” such as anxiety, conflict, anger, and tantrums.
  • Realise that you are not alone in what you may be feeling and experiencing.
  • Your staff, as you want to support them in promoting well being and sleep.

What can you expect:

  • Online and face to face.
  • They are rooted in over 31 years of experience, clinical evidence-based parenting, and my experience as a mum, where we have all survived the transition from baby to adulthood.
  • A safe space to ask questions you might have.
  • There is a chance to hear from other parents what they do in a non-judgmental and supportive setting to keep and refer to if you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned.
  • A download of notes
  • A sense of achievement that you have made some progress and taken action to make life better for your family and yourself.
Some Testimonials: (  80 % excellent and 17% Good, 3% rated just ok, thank you, everyone)
  • Practical strategies were beneficial, as was the information about the brain and how to help my child understand this too ( Stop the Worry Cycle).
  • I like the physiological aspect of anxiety, understanding anxiety is normal, not being scared of talking it through with my child. ( Stop the Worry Cycle).
  • I would like more extended, so we could go through more practical sessions to put more into action; I would come! ( Stop the Worry Cycle).
  • Catherine great and great knowledge. 
  • I like the science bit, talking about triggers and meeting other parents.
  • I liked talking through concerns and being with other parents.
  • The relaxed atmosphere was a great welcome.
  • I appreciated the non -judgemental atmosphere.
  • Lots to think about, two days possibly. ( Positive Discipline)
  • I liked the science bit and sharing with others ( Managing anger and Meltdowns)
  • We are definitely going to stick to house rules and keep going with your suggestions ( Managing Anger and Meltdowns)
  • Helpful to understand why children have tantrums, and I did not know there were two different types.

Disclaimer: Do note that these workshops are not the same as a bespoke consultation and package of sessions. 

Click here to contact me to book and follow me on Facebook to receive details and start now with an intention for you and your family to have even better relationships in 2022.


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