Thank you for visiting my website and making the first step towards change and wanting to use my services.
There are multiple reasons why clients contact me. Some of these include feelings of being overwhelmed or believing something is unmanageable, exhausted due to lack of sleep, or a familial crisis. It can be a daunting experience choosing which type of therapy is best suited to you and your family. Research shows that it is the relationship you have with your therapist that enables healing to take place. From the variety of my experience and the broad nature of my training, I offer a range of therapeutic evidenced based approaches to suit each unique family and child.

My Services are:

  • Workshops
  • Consultations
  • Parenting Guidance
  • Sleep Consultations
  • Trauma Work
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Attachment and Relationship Difficulties
  • Couples Work
  • Individual Counselling/therapy
  • CBT
  • Family Counselling
  • Bespoke Training for your organisation
My Services30 years in the NHS has given me the opportunity to understand and work with many different presentations. Some parents/families attend just six sessions, while others continue for many more. You and your family are unique, so one size or one way of working does not fit all. Recently, I have been offering taster workshops, where parents can receive strategies, tips and more generalised advice, instead of the individualised bespoke intervention private sessions offer. My aim is to provide a safe and comfortable space for you to feel empowered as a parent so you can nurture a secure and confident child.
 I know I can’t change the world however, I am committed to helping children and parents develop secure and loving attachments in order to improve mental health outcomes for better communities now and in our future.
Why wait, join me  Contact me for a consultation
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