Managing your sleep, as the clocks go forward, Daylight Saving

Soon the clocks are going forward on Sunday at 1am the 25th of March 2018. This is what we call daylight saving time and you are unfortunately going to lose an hours sleep. It can often leave you and your children feeling groggy and irritable. I’ve noticed that I am already starting awaken a bit earlier. It can be quite exaggerated in those children who have a diagnosis of Autism or other developmental disorders. So what’s the advice for everybody;

For Everybody Craig Campari Sleep expert recommends:

Getting up an hour earlier the day after the clocks go forward to avoid significant insomnia on Sunday night. It’s critical to get up at his/her “typical” time on Sunday (e.g. if they typically wake up at 10 AM on Sundays, they continue to even though they lose an hour of sleep.) They will be more tired on Sunday night and have an easier time going to sleep.

For  Teenagers and adults :

Move the bedtime 20 minutes a night two nights before, they won’t like it but try and talk it through with them.

For Teenagers and those who struggle with insomnia:

Move bedtime 10/15 minutes early for five nights before bedtime and then waking 10 minutes earlier too.

So if you have 10 until 7 routine, it would be 9.50 and 6.50

You could allow them to have short nap to manage the change in the afternoon but don’t let them sleep more than 20 minutes or they will struggle to get to sleep at bedtime.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t let them lie in on the first morning after the change.
  • Don’t let them have a long naptime to manage the sleep deprivation
  • Do give them time to readjust, you can do it for  five nights/ a week
  • Do wake them 10 minutes earlier too to help them readjust.
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With Love Catherine