Sometimes it can be as simple as finding common ground or arriving with someone with whom your child is already comfortable. Most people feel more at ease entering new social situations with a partner, so why shouldn’t children?  Invite a child around for supper or a play date first to break the ice.

“A lot of kids will tell me they’ll go to football practice for example, but only if they know someone who goes there.

In addition, do inform the coach if it is a team or club leader then you all know what to do if your child gets panicky.

6. Praise and be positive

When your child reaches a new step, praise praise praise and use this when there are struggles. Be positive and don’t fall into the negativity trap.

Here is my weekly praise list in case you missed it Free Download, Praise Matters, words really do matter and the language we use can affect positive change.

7.When to push and challenge and when to step back.
This is so hard but you will have to challenge your child and face discomfort but at the same time try not to work on multiple issues, take one step at a time.
Let me know if any of these work for you, do check out my workshops, they are all booked up but if you would like to be contacted first, then please do contact me. With Love Catherine