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Managing Meltdowns and anger in children.

Feb 24 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Managing Anger and meltdowns workshopMeltdowns, we have all been there with our children. When we watch our child have a meltdown, lose total control, what happens within you?

  • What do you and your child do with “the anger” does it escalate.?
  • Does it elicit a shame response which results in guilt?.
  • Does it prevent you from being close?
  • Do you find yourself responding with feelings of frustration, hopelessness or even shame.

Life can be stressful and stress can prevent us from managing children’s behaviour in the way we want to. Stress can trigger the the fight response in our amygdala creating anger. Anger is normal emotion and everyone feels it, having big feelings does not be negative. Imagine having the skills to create safety, peace and Security. Imagine feeling confident in your parenting. Know you can respond with calmness and compassion.

This workshop will help you to find alternative ways of responding. Make 2018 the year you learn to understand and manage big feelings by attending my workshop below!

This workshop is open to parents if all age groups and is £35 for a two hour workshop.

  • Do you want to understand why your child may be angry, have meltdowns, be aggressive or have tantrums?
  • Do you want to learn some basic neuroscience so you understand your child’s amygdala and why this may impact on the behaviour. 
  • Do you want to understand how to respond with brain based parenting in order to manage the different types of anger.
  • How you can respond to it without blame or shaming your child.
  • Learn methods alternative ways of managing it and helping your children to learn self-control.?


By attending this workshop will give you a new and unique understanding:

  • Of what is causing a child to behave this way and will provide interventions and solutions to help this child become calm, emotionally responsive and self controlled.
  • Of  brain based parenting techniques and incorporating a thorough understanding of a child’s attachment needs.
  • And fresh insights, creative ideas and techniques and will empower you in your parenting.

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 This is now fully booked, to accommodate need I am running a W/L. do contact me if you would like to be placed on it.

Book by contacting me catherine@bristolchildparentsupport.co.uk or click here>> contact and I will send you a paypal link and details for £35. It is non-refundable and payment is in advance. ( Places are limited)


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