Managing Meltdowns and aggression in your children to enable peace and calm.

February 24, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Muller House
Bristol BS7 9DB

We all have experience a meltdown from  from time to time. Anger and aggression are not negative emotions. It’s what we and our children do with it that makes all the difference to families. Aggressive behaviors can leave parents stressed, embarrassed, and understandably frustrated. In addition we can get into a shame cycle.

Here is a taster, this workshop is open to parents between  18 months -12 years of age

  • Do you want a calmer home?
  • Are you struggling to remain calm in the midst of the daily rush?
  • Do you want to understand why your child may be angry and aggressive?.
  • Have lots of tantrums
  • How you can respond to it without escalating it.?
  • Learn methods alternative ways of managing it and helping your children to learn self-control.?
  • Feel that that your home can be a place of calm.

By attending this workshop will give you a new understanding:

  • About what is causing a child to behave this way and will provide interventions and solutions to help your child become calm, emotionally responsive and self controlled.
  • Managing tantrums and meltdowns.
  • On how to de-escalate the anger so you are not fuelling it.
  • Differentiate from anger and aggression
  • On how to avoid shame spirals.
  • Anger from the perspective of a child, adult and parent.
  • How to stop taking things personally.
  • How negative emotional cycles work and how to interrupt them.
  • Of the latest neuro-scientific findings and learning positive discipline strategies.

You may find these useful in the interim:

3 Ways to manage aggression

Managing Tantrums

Book by contacting me catherine@bristolchildparentsupport or click here>> contact and I will send you a paypal link and details. It is non-refundable and payment is in advance. ( Places are limited to 8)

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