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Free Online Sleep Talk for Difficult Times

Apr 25, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am

online sleep talk

Schools may be suspended. However, it’s still important that you and your children have enough sleep during these stressful and difficult times. This is my way to help everyone through it as I am passionate about sleep and offer sleep consultations.

I am sure you want to remain healthy through the pandemic. It’s a good time to remember that one of the very best ways to maintain a strong immune system is to get a good night’s sleep. (There’s a lot of complicated-sounding science behind why this is, but it has to do with “T-cells” being better able to fight infected cells when stress hormones are low. And stress hormones are at their lowest when we are asleep!

Join my free 45 minute talk plus questions ( suitable for ages toddler-12) to remain healthy during this time.


During the Workshop, join me to learn: 

  • Why do we sleep and why we simply cannot live without it.
  • How much sleep you need, why you might be having problems now during the pandemic.
  • Signs of Sleep Deprivation in you and or your Child

Ideas on how to help with the two most common  sleep problems in children

  • Bedtime Resistance ( including night time fears, wakings
  • Difficulty falling asleep within a reasonable time (e.g., 30-60 minutes).
  • Simple ideas to promote a Healthy Sleep Routine in Difficult times,
  • How to help  the daytime “grogginess” during Lockdown.

Details of the Online Workshop

Date:  Saturday 25th of April 10-10.45am


10- 10.45 ( 15 minutes for questions, please do come and say hello and 9.45/50am


This is online and using Zoom,  I am conscious of privacy issues with working online with Zoom, therefore you will need to complete my sign up form below, it includes you into my newsletter, this is easier administratively and you can unsubscribe anytime.I will contact you within several days and just before the workshop. I will send instructions with a Zoom link and password. If you are already on my newsletter list, there is no need to sign up. If you miss it, please don’t worry I will be recording the session and will send everyone a copy who has signed up, even if you cannot join me live.

Members receive goodies that I don’t always place on my website or Facebook.

Why would you want to learn and share with me?

I am a parent and shared all the joys, up and downs from baby to adulthood, we survived all my mistakes to reach a place of compassion and connection. Alongside that,  I happened to work in the NHS for 31 years and 18 years working with children, parents, and families with complex emotional and behavioral issues ( CAMHS).  My workshops integrate each experience. I want to promote the sense of being a “good enough and connected parent ”  the one that learns to trust your intuition rather than the perfect one on social media, in books and in our thoughts. They are grounded in neuroscience, attachment,  and evidenced-based parenting ( I am a trainer in The Incredible Years and Solihull Parenting)


This is a generalised workshop for parents/carers and is not the same as having an assessment, individualised or treatment sessions you may receive from myself or from a health provider.

So, if you are ready to improve your sleep and stay healthy, Join me then. I want to hear from you, contact me if you have any ideas or would like to book a consultation.  Be safe and healthy, with much love Catherine


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