Ensure a successful bedtime routine, it’s Spring although it does not feel like it does it.

The clocks are going forward on Sunday, don’t forget to use my top tips on my blog before. Lots of my clients struggle with establishing a successful bedtime routine. In order to help you with daylight saving and going towards summer.

Do click on my audio to find out my top tips and if you are struggling, so contact me for a sleep consultation.



Spend some time unwinding with a quiet activity 30 minutes before starting the bedtime routine.

Be consistent. The routine should be the same night-to-night so that your child learns to anticipate sleep as part of the routine.

Include bathtime in your regular routine, as the soothing warmth will help prepare your child’s body for rest. Include a message as this can invoke Oxytocin the cuddle, love chemical, this help your child to calm down and make everyone feel good.

Make reading together part of the bedtime routine.

Move your child’s bedtime up (to an earlier time) if he or she frequently wakes during the night.


Ignore their anxiety, help them with their fears.

Make TV, screens, i pad or phones part of the bedtime routine. The blue light interferes with melatonin which regulates the circadian rhythm ( 24-hour cycle)

Make their bedtime more than 45 mins max ( 30 is what you are looking for)

Offer caffeinated fizzy drinks with dinner or lots of sugar.

Allow frequent interruptions to the bedtime routine such as ensuring that they have brushed their teeth and don’t need to keep moving from the bathroom to bedroom. They stall, don’t they.

Use thick blankets, quilts, stuffed animals, or pillows in your infant’s crib/cot.

Pick your child up if he or she continues to call for your fights going to sleep. Instead, simply reassure him or her that you’re nearby.

Are you so exhausted you think it won’t work, everyone deserves a good night sleep. Contact me for a sleep consultation.

With Love Catherine

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