Spring is nearly here, daylight saving starts on Sunday the 26th of March, so the clocks are going forward one hour.  Helping parents and children sleep is a passion of mine. I am lucky my children are grown up now but I remember the 5.30am wake-up call which always put me out. Some of you will be lucky and your child may just re-adjust so don’t do anything. Just allow them to readjust. However, if yours are anything like mine, you might need a couple of tricks to help them through the transition.

Trick 1

On the day before, take them out get physical and wear them out, so they might be sleepy the day before and go to bed a bit earlier. Let them know about the clocks going forward, have a clock, set up a reward sleep clock chart and be positive about them sleeping through.

On the day, Settle into it and if you can, don’t put the clocks forward until the Sunday, have breakfast, chill out and allow you all to get used to it. I am all for settling and being gentle about time and change and not focussing on the problem. All of you may be a bit tired and cranky so take it easy the first couple of days. Remember do nothing if your child wakes up just a little earlier and don’t forget the praise if they have pretty much slept through.

Here is my new video if you are struggling to implement the usual  nighttime routine

Trick 2

Most children sleep and nap at the same time most days so it can be hard for them to adjust. They may see the light outside and not even want to go to sleep. In the first week and even a couple of days before that’s if you are super organized, to put them to bed 15 minutes earlier, if they go to bed at 7.30pm, put them to bed at 7.15, then 7.00 and keep doing this for three to four nights, this will help your child settle when the clocks change. Most parents make the mistake of letting your child sleep in, try not too.

It’s the same for any naps and I know some parents even change their mealtimes.It takes some time, and so children find that 15-minute increments help, rather that one full hour,  just keep going and they will re-adjust between four days and a week.

Trick 3

I know it’s obvious, but make sure the light does not get into their room. A blackout blind really helps to with the early morning and evening light. I know some children get scared at night so put their night light on a dimmer if you can to help to darken the room.

Happy Daylight Saving, >>>contact me with all your ideas or contact me to help your child sleep.

With love Catherine

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