Creative Ways to help your child express “Angry” Feelings

Anger can be a complex emotion but is very normal. Generally, children, simply have yet to develop the social and emotional skills to express directly. I know that many of you would really prefer that your child did not express it all, it’s just not nice to be angry is it! But you know I am a big believer that all emotions can be expressed safely. Accepting and allowing your child to express a range of emotions is healthy, research shows that simply drawing with your child helps improve their mood. You can check out the research here

Here are a few of my creative ideas, I’ve tried to offer different mediums, art, movement, sound, etc. Please note, these ideas are not for those occasions when your child is out of control, but are intended to allow exploration of “Big Feelings” Remember to be balanced. If they are roar like a tiger, can they also be a quiet and calm mouse too?

5 Creative Ways to express Anger

1. Lets be a Roaring Animal

Children are naturally imaginative and are very ready to explore and become something other than themselves. When you start to notice “hot feelings” help them out of it simply by saying:

“let’s be a big roaring animal”, “let’s roar it out “.They may choose to be a tiger, a lion, or even an elephant. Then encourage them to breathe, a giant tiger breath is going to help them calm and cool. They may then be able to move to be a quiet, calm animal.

2. Expressive Scribbles

Give your children some art materials. Younger children may benefit from finger paints. Encourage them to ” draw out their feelings” Simply asking what would it be like angry, frustrated, irritation. Remember to help them to return to calm or happy feelings. Talk to them about the scribbles, the colours they have used, and how it feels. If you gently practice this, it can be used prior to a moment of escalation.

3. Creative Music

I trained in Arts Psychotherapy and I loved banging a drum, tapping a tambourine or expressing my feelings through a glockenspiel. You don’t need to buy expensive instruments, you could fill some tin cans or plastic bottles. Give you and your child an expressive moment for 10 minutes. Through accepting and allowing the feeling to be expressed, you may notice a change in mood.

Creative ways to express anger

4. Let’s bite, rip and express the feelings

When you have been angry, have you ever felt you wanted to get your teeth into something? Well, how about biting into a carrot, its fun and also better than your child biting their brother or sister. They could rip a tissue or old paper too.

5. Sing and Move it out

Children are very receptive to sound, so sing out the feelings and move the feeling out. Play the moving feeling game. This is a bit like the scribble game. Put some music on and ask them to show you what’s it like to be sad, angry, frustrated, irritated. Move it out. You may want to ask: Does the angry, sad, disappointed, irritated feeling have a sound?

Creative ways to express angry feelings

I hope these are helpful and fun. Allow your creativity to flow between you and your child. Remember these ideas are not for the moments that your child is out of control, in a meltdown or tantrum. For more on how to help your child regulate click here>><< There is a free two-page download here too.

For more ideas on Positive Discipline, I hope to see you at my two part Positive Discipline Workshop,Facebook or contact me for a consultation. With Love Catherine

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