Hello, it’s me Catherine.

When we work together, I am sharing with you nearly 30 years experience of working within the NHS in adult services and 20 years experience of working as an independent and NHS clinician, trainer and supervisor in the field of  Child and Family Mental Health.

30 years ago, I trained as a mental health Nurse. I completed further postgraduate pieces of training in Psychotherapy, Art Therapy and Family Therapy.  I am a qualified systemic practitioner.  I am a member of the British Sleep Society

I have participated in the therapy process and know how it feels to be on the other side.  I am mum and a much better therapist for surviving baby to adulthood. Like you, I have experienced all the highs, lows and frustrations resulting in better, closer and connected relationships between us all.

I founded Bristol Child Parent Support three years ago to share my professional, personal experience and a need for work life balance. If you work with me, I want empower you to feel close and connected to your children sharing  years of  professional and personal experience to promote strong and secure connections.

I am passionate about parenting and everyone having a good night’s sleep, by default it’s led to a bit of a mission. ( click on mission to find out) You can find much help on the internet and books but sometimes seeking help from someone neutral whose experienced the process can help.

There are many free resources on my site.  I am a big believer in sharing. Follow me  FACEBOOK and receive lots of sleep and parenting tips, up to date blogs and videos. ( I am changing my site so its taking a bit of time to load all the downloads  here)


I  remain licensed as a Mental Health Nurse.My professional registration is with the NMC and adheres to the code of ethics of this organization. I continue to work part time in CAMHS and may not take in cases that could be seen as a conflict of interest.  Due to 29 years in the NHS, I have completed other Post Graduate Pieces of training and lots of other to such as CBT, advanced child protection, mindfulness, trauma work and more:

  • Post Graduate Training in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy
  • Post Graduate training in Systemic Family Therapy
  • Advanced level Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Advanced Counselling Skills and Theory

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