3 Effective Parenting Resolutions 2018

I love beginnings so much more than endings or the in-betweens. January can be a time you can start some new resolutions for your family. Big resolutions can stress me out and I never follow them through,  do you ?, so try to change one small simple thing in your family, it’s going to far more effective in the long term. Make this year you can really work towards changing your family’s dynamics .

I’ll be placing one simple idea per each month on Facebook but here are 3 resolutions for now.

1.Spend time talking and listening to each other every day, promote daily sharing.

3 effective new years resolutionsWe all have busy lives and forget to actively listen and share, so set a daily time, mealtimes/bedtimes are always good. The only rule is one person speaks at a time. Ideas could be three good things that have happened that day.For those fidgety kids let them hold a teddy or a ball to help them concentrate. With younger children you will have to prompt them to listen too, so don’t get too annoyed with them and don’t worry about your teens moaning too, just keep calm and carry on. Remember to turn off your mobile and don’t do it when using a screen.

2. Improve your Routines

How often are you stressed in the morning or at bedtime. These are often trigger moments for children or their parents. They are often time of transition. I know many children who struggle with comings and goings. They may even get anxious at these times and it can look like a tantrum, so notice what you feel as well as what you see. To reduce the anxiety and prevent easlation of the anger, talk about it.

Try to revisit these in your family meetings or when you set up your family rules. Remember “when and then” statements. I have included my download, if you missed it before. Being consistent is really going to help. Children benefit from visual cues especially those who have executive functioning difficulties such as dyspraxia, Dyslexia or ADHD. Remember young children take time to develop executive functioning skills such as sequencing and memory.



3. Stay Calm and Carry On

Bring more peace and calm into your life. This is difficult one and its the one that I will be working on the most in 2018.I know when I am in the present moment, I can attend to everyone around me in a manner that is gentle and accepting.Talk kindly to yourself, letting your higher self guide you through those difficult moments and help you move beyond any difficulties you find on your way. I want to share one simple technique that is breath, breathe through your nose and feel. Try to do this every time you feel anxious, fearful or stressed. Practice this from Giphy.com. There will be more on Staying Calm throughout the year, so look out for more…


Wishing you a great 2018 and come and attend a workshop, it’s easier to change habits when we share with others. with Love Catherine